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Anaya (pronounced uh-nah-yuh) - a West African name that means, look up to God.
Founded in 2018, Anaya Arts is an innovative art brand based in Ottawa, Canada. Our never-seen-before designs are first born on paper: meticulously hand drawn down to the last detail. Then they become a part of your everyday life through the art-based products that we offer. 

Our vision of representation is to capture the essence of diversity and our unique qualities in a minimalist & abstract style. Anaya Arts aims to fill a void while empowering & inspiring others through artistic expression.

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Fiona is the Founder & Creative Director of Anaya Arts. This art brand was born when she finally stepped out of her comfort zone and faced her doubts and fears. Sticking to her African roots & embracing her unique artistic style, Fiona's art is inspired by representation! 

Read her letter here.

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